is not a job, but opportunity

If you enjoy the excitement, fast-pace, camaraderie and income opportunities of the retail dealership environment, but don't like the bell-to-bell, six-day workweek, hero-today-zero-tomorrow mentality, it's time to consider the opportunities that Continental-National can offer you.

At Continental-National, we're looking for people with retail automobile dealership experience who possess an innate persistence in character. A belief that hard work pays off and that there is a right way of doing business and treating people and a wrong way… and who know that the right way is the only way.

What Continental-National offers is not a job, but opportunity. Opportunity for substantial economic advancement and security. Opportunity for the individual who can motivate themselves and manage the substantial freedom that the position entails. The opportunity to prove yourself in a competitive atmosphere. And more importantly, opportunity to move up, economically and professionally, based on your hard work, commitment and success.

At Continental-National, we make sure our employees have the right training, guidance, and personal financial incentives to put them on the path to long-term and sustained success.

When you work for Continental-National, you know you're working with one of the finest dealership F&I general agencies in the country.

If you believe that you have what it takes, contact Continental-National today for more information.

It's a partnership!

As the Principal of Rick Matthews Buick-GMC, we have been working with Continental-National for over 15 years. The integrity and personal attention to my dealership's needs has well exceeded my expectations. It gives me great peace of mind to know that my Finance Managers are constantly educated in legal compliance and product knowledge by trained experts allowing us to meet the highest ethical standards. I look forward to a continuing business relationship with Continental-National and appreciate their contribution to the success of my dealership."

Rick Matthews
Rick Matthews Rick Matthews Buick-GMC

In a world where recommendations are difficult to give, it is with great pleasure and ease that I recommend the team at Continental-National and their Vice President, Don Weeks. With Continental-National, Prestige has a solid dealer partnership in the finance department. As a dealer, I'm extremely comfortable with the A+ rated companies they align me with and their ongoing commitment to our profitability, best practices, training of personnel and handling of the many challenges that arise throughout the year. Take it from me, with Continental-National, you will see and experience what peace of mind and F&I profitability looks like.

Chris Spears
Chris Spears Prestige Auto Sales

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Access technology built for your business with partners who understand your challenges, your appreciation for efficiency, and your financial goals.

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We always put the Dealer First!

It's not all about the products. Learn to sell them, master the presentation, and stay compliant! We always put the Dealer First!

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Why choose us

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    Increase F&I Revenue. Customize product offerings to maximize profit potential.

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    Increase Legal and Regulatory Compliance. Avoid the vulnerabilities and the litigators!

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    Increase Customer Retention & Service Absorption. Sales sells the car first. Service sells the rest.

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    Increase appraisal close ratio, reduce aged inventory risk, and cut auction fees to increase your bottom line.

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