In our last blog, we discussed analyzing your dealership’s current state and how to boost your customer retention. A great way to keep people coming back is with personalized customer service and a strong service menu. But keeping people coming back with a complimentary maintenance program is one thing; what can you do to keep dealership service customers coming back after the complimentary stuff is gone?

Any franchise auto dealer worth their salt can quickly and easily tell you how many cars they’ve sold. We’ve all got that info readily available. But do you know how many of those customers were repeat buyers? You know your sales numbers, but do you know your automotive customer retention numbers?

We recently discussed the importance of replacing direct mail with an email welcome kit. Once you’ve welcomed your new customers with an engaging, interactive, and powerful message, the next step is to onboard them and start nurturing customer relationships.

When you’re trying to increase the customer retention at your auto dealership, you’ve got to get personal. Traditionally, this involved a lot of printed materials that were sent to customers to inform and remind them to return to your dealership following their initial purchase. The only problem is, a lot of the time, those materials got tossed in the trash without a second look. Because of this, savvy dealers are embracing the email welcome kit.

By now, your dealership has probably gone away from giant inflatables and wacky waving inflatable tube men, and moved onto more sophisticated digital marketing strategies. But while you’re building your web presence, beefing up your social media, and working to get good online reviews, don’t forget about catching people’s eyes and keeping them engaged when they’re actually in your dealership. And that’s where auto dealership digital signage comes in.

Have you heard that Facebook Reviews are now Facebook Recommendations? Were you paying attention to Facebook Reviews in the first place? In any case, you need a streamlined review process. Online auto dealer reviews are here to stay, and one of the main components of that is Facebook.

The compact Kamiq is targeting the entry-level urban market.

Industry research provides strong anecdotal and scientific evidence that speech-induced anthropomorphism is essential in establishing trust. In other words, when a car talks it becomes more human-like to drivers and passengers.

In a Wards Q&A, Alan Haig talks about his specialized business, who are the main buyers and the reasons some dealers cash out.

The automaker also has been at work helping to influence a test protocol for road-departure-mitigation systems that go beyond current road-edge detection.

Drive down costs and improve efficiency in your automotive supply chain.

Tesla Simplifies Its Lineup; Ford to Make Bronco Pickup; Artificial Intelligence Taking Over BMW Plants

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