By now, your dealership has probably gone away from giant inflatables and wacky waving inflatable tube men, and moved onto more sophisticated digital marketing strategies. But while you’re building your web presence, beefing up your social media, and working to get good online reviews, don’t forget about catching people’s eyes and keeping them engaged when they’re actually in your dealership. And that’s where auto dealership digital signage comes in.

Have you heard that Facebook Reviews are now Facebook Recommendations? Were you paying attention to Facebook Reviews in the first place? In any case, you need a streamlined review process. Online auto dealer reviews are here to stay, and one of the main components of that is Facebook.

Negative reviews can make or break an auto dealership. Although several other factors affect the reputation of a car dealership, customer reviews carry maximum weight. Almost all car buyers start their car-buying journey online, and 59% of auto buyers choose a car dealership based on their reputation. But, while the overall buyer experience is improving, it’s not all good news. Why? Because of fake auto dealer reviews.

An efficient and well-trained service advisor is pivotal to a car dealership’s success. Properly training service advisors is vital — great service advisors can create customers for life, while inexperienced ones can actually drive away potential customers.

Complimentary maintenance plans are structured to function as automotive consumer retention solutions for franchised auto dealers. 

In this feature, Rick Knight, President and Founder of Performance Administration Corp., will discuss what he's been reading lately, and how it applies to franchise dealerships and the auto industry. Read something interesting that you'd like Rick to review? Drop us a line at

Honda seeks to reassure owners of Civics and CR-Vs equipped with the automaker’s 1.5L turbocharged 4-cyl. by extending warranty coverage in case gasoline-oil dilution damages engine parts.

More Job Cuts Could Be Coming; CR Blasts Tesla’s Autopilot Update; Tariffs Drive Up Price of Auto Parts

Shareholders voted to reorganize the Daimler Group, clearing the way for the automaker to separate its car and van business from its truck and bus business into two legally independent entities.

With over 314 million impressions, Nissan was solidly in first place for the week of May 13 with a promotion for its Summer of SUVs Sales Event.

PSA’s plant in Gliwice, Poland, will be modified to accommodate LCVs and adapted to build the automaker’s generic platform dedicated to large vans with a view toward reaching production of up to 100,000 large vans per year.

As well as being the first model to be conceived under new owner PSA Group, the 2019-model-year Corsa also provides the basis for the first electric-powered model to be produced by Opel and its sister brand, Vauxhall.

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