Kia's next K900 is banking on the influence of German master tuner Albert Biermann.

The controversy pits the Transport Workers Union of America and its 850 Columbus members against an array of public and private transportation groups.

Nicole Fonseca, a 39-year-old Detroiter who studied fashion design at Central Michigan University, was tasked with color and interior design on the redesigned 2019 Nissan Altima.

General Motors is restructuring the leadership of its global strategy and EV units as it begins to deploy at least 20 battery-electric and fuel-cell powered vehicles globally by 2023.

Ford's latest F-150 commercial reinforces the automaker's leadership without calling out its redesigned rivals by name.

Democratic leaders in three states warned again Friday they are ready to challenge the Trump administration in court, alleging abuse of power, if it moves ahead with plans to weaken tailpipe emission standards, and they criticized the auto industry...

The words “customer churn” are enough to make even the most successful business owner’s stomach churn. Why? Lost customers translate into higher costs spent on marketing and reaching out to get new customers. In fact, it costs as much as five times more to attract one new customer as it does to simply retain a current one.

If this is the case, the primary focus at every auto dealership should be minimizing customer churn rather than a rabid chase for new customers. The secret to managing your customer base and convincing them to return isn’t even really a secret; it’s something that every business should be built on. To boost your customer retention, provide excellent customer service. If you delight your customers, you will retain them. Make them unhappy, and they will go elsewhere. It really is as simple as that.

The automotive world is an ever-changing landscape, with digital disruptors such as Carvana changing the game, as well as auto manufacturers announcing cuts to the complimentary maintenance coverage that dealers rely on to keep customers coming back through the doors. To combat all of this, auto dealerships have to get creative. One of the strategies many dealers are using to stand out from the pack is adding unique services to their customer retention plan.

We’ve said it before and it bears repeating: certified maintenance is an essential tool to help increase customer retention. When you retain customers instead of engaging in a constant race to find new ones, you make your auto dealership more valuable.

You may wonder, however, if there’s a way to retain customer beyond certified maintenance. What can your dealership do to keep them coming back even once that maintenance runs out? When that happens, an effective way to continue your relationship with those customers is by selling maintenance contracts through a service drive maintenance program.

Over the past several years, some auto manufacturers have reduced the amount of manufacturer maintenance coverage they provide on new vehicles. We’ve seen some manufacturers such as Chevrolet reduce their maintenance coverage in model years 2016 to 2018 from two visits down to just one visit for 2019.

For the past 25 years, Mark Krejci has been president of Continental-National, an F&I development company that creates and manages dealer reinsurance and other asset-building programs for automobile dealerships across the country. For almost as long, Continental-National has worked with Performance Administration Corp. to make certified maintenance an essential part of those asset-building programs.

In the past, automobile dealerships only had to compete with one another. As you drove down the road or flipped through the TV channels, you'd see one dealership with an inflatable gorilla out front to advertise that weekend’s tent sale as the owner of another dealership paraded around in a giant cowboy hat shouting about how their salespeople knew how to “round up the best car deals in town!”

Peugeot Unveils Retro Inspired Concept; NASCAR Viewership Sliding; Daimler Tests AI to Help Engineers

The transaction is expected to close in first-quarter 2019, with about 4,200 employees across 10 facilities in North America, Europe and Asia transitioning to Hanon Systems.

It doesn’t take someone named Cipher to figure out keeping riders calm will be the ultimate secret code.

In market gone bonkers for luxury pickups at staggering price points, the GMC Sierra Denali is as logical as a Sou’wester hat in the rain.

The Sierra Denali’s distinctive styling helps set it apart in the segment, as well as further distinguish itself from its Chevrolet Silverado cousin at a time when that pickup also is getting more luxurious.

Many of the qualities that earned the all-new Ram Wards 10 Best Interiors honors earlier this year are noted again in the Best UX judging.

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