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Would you want to be treated by a doctor who's never gotten any additional training or studied new medical advancements since medical school? What about an attorney who's too busy to learn about new laws?

You don't let your technicians repair vehicles they aren't trained to fix; why would you let your F&I managers walk your customers through agreements and products they aren't fully trained to understand?

F&I managers execute more contracts than most lawyers. They're responsible for helping customers decide which products benefit them the most. They need to understand the law to keep you out of court and know every benefit of each product you sell; and they need to be able to do all of this with very little supervision from management.

  • Change focus from "selling" products to helping customers, increasing product sales, profits and customer satisfaction with the F&I process
  • Increase sales for F&I products by providing a process to collapse confrontation at the point of contact
  • Learn effective sales techniques with visual aids
  • Implement an F&I presentation based upon the customer's needs, not the F&I Manager's agenda
  • Respond positively to customers questions, concerns and objections
  • Use objections to help lead customers to positive buying decisions
  • Evaluate and analyze credit from a lender's perspective in order to provide paper buyers with valid reasons to approve the credit-challenged customer
  • Understand the laws and regulations that impact F&I on a daily basis
  • Ensure that proven, consistent F&I processes and best practices are utilized
  • Create a tradition of excellence and a genuine belief in their products and their own abilities

Classroom training gets your F&I managers out of the chaotic dealership environment where they can focus on honing their craft. In the classroom, they can listen, watch, contemplate, discuss, question and interact.

They'll learn to sell more effectively by understanding the product benefits and gearing their presentations to the customer in front of them.

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Achieving F&I Excellence with Ron Reahard
Scottsdale, AZ Training Center
Nov 07 - 10, 8:00 AM

So Here's the Deal!

Ron Reahard created a Q&A video segment called "So Here's the Deal". Ron answers important questions submitted by F&I professionals.

So Here's the Deal Video Series

Confused over laws & regulations?

Our team of regulatory experts are ready to answers questions for industry members. Have questions?

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It's Good Business

Improve employee satisfaction, reduce costly turnover, make employees more productive, increase profit, and minimize risk!.
This kind of improvement only comes with a structured training program designed by committed F&I training experts.

They'll learn to sell more effectively by understanding the product benefits and gearing their presentations to the customer in front of them.

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