Training & Compliance

It's Good Business

Training your employees is just good business. It improves employee satisfaction (reducing costly turnover), makes employees more productive, increases profit, and minimizes your risk of lawsuits. This kind of improvement only comes with a structured training program designed by committed F&I training experts.

F&I managers execute more contracts than most lawyers. They're responsible for helping customers decide which products benefit them the most. They need to understand the law to keep you out of court and know every benefit of each product you sell. And they need to be able to do all of this with very little supervision from management.

Continental-National's expert trainers will teach your F&I managers to increase your profit (and their own commission) without cutting corners. CN provides training designed to increase F&I profits and customer satisfaction… all while improving legal compliance. Our training and development program utilizes classroom, online and in-dealership training.

But we don't stop there. After they're trained, we'll continue to develop their skills. We'll be there regularly to ensure they continue to do things right and we'll monitor and notify you of their progress.

Here's How It Works

  • Set profit objectives
    • - Establish F&I product offerings and agree on product penetrations
    • - Establish product profits
  • Set up processes
    • - Implement custom presentation processes
    • - Install menu selling
    • - Implement compliance program
  • Train, develop & service
    • - Weekly in-store monitoring and participation upon request
    • - Recurrent product knowledge training
    • - One-on-one training with F&I managers
    • - Personal coaching for under-performing personnel
    • - Weekly online webinar training and monthly F&I schools
  • Monitor
    • - Email key personnel F&I performance reports daily
    • - Provide complete vehicle sales, performance tracking and management reports
    • - Establish procedure for auditing deals - inspect for what you expect

It's Good Business

Improve employee satisfaction, reduce costly turnover, make employees more productive, increase profit, and minimize risk!.
This kind of improvement only comes with a structured training program designed by committed F&I training experts.

They'll learn to sell more effectively by understanding the product benefits and gearing their presentations to the customer in front of them.

One Dealership at a time ... We will get you the profit you need!